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Maryland ZIP Code List

This is the list of ZIP Codes in Maryland. The zip code 5, state, county, and city are displayed in the list. You can click the title to browse the detailed information.

Maryland has a total number of 783,306 ZIP Codes, and the first three digits range from 206-219. Not all the five-digit numbers in the range are assigned as ZIP Codes, in other words, there is some number that is not assigned.

StateCountyCityZIP Code
MDCaroline CountyHARRINGTON19952
MDDorchester CountySEAFORD19973
MDHoward CountyCAMP SPRINGS20588
MDCharles CountyWALDORF20601
MDCharles CountyWALDORF20602
MDCharles CountyWALDORF20603
MDCharles CountyWALDORF20604
MDSt. Mary's CountyABELL20606
MDCharles CountyACCOKEEK20607
MDPrince George's CountyAQUASCO20608
MDSt. Mary's CountyAVENUE20609
MDCalvert CountyBARSTOW20610
MDCharles CountyBEL ALTON20611
MDCharles CountyBENEDICT20612
MDCharles CountyBRANDYWINE20613
MDCalvert CountyBROOMES ISLAND20615
MDCharles CountyBRYANS ROAD20616
MDCharles CountyBRYANTOWN20617
MDSt. Mary's CountyBUSHWOOD20618
MDSt. Mary's CountyCALIFORNIA20619
MDSt. Mary's CountyCALLAWAY20620
MDSt. Mary's CountyCHAPTICO20621
MDCharles CountyCHARLOTTE HALL20622
MDPrince George's CountyCHELTENHAM20623
MDSt. Mary's CountyCLEMENTS20624
MDCharles CountyCOBB ISLAND20625
MDSt. Mary's CountyCOLTONS POINT20626
MDSt. Mary's CountyCOMPTON20627
MDSt. Mary's CountyDAMERON20628
MDCalvert CountyDOWELL20629
MDSt. Mary's CountyDRAYDEN20630
MDCharles CountyFAULKNER20632
MDSt. Mary's CountyGREAT MILLS20634
MDSt. Mary's CountyHELEN20635
MDSt. Mary's CountyHOLLYWOOD20636
MDCharles CountyHUGHESVILLE20637
MDCalvert CountyHUNTINGTOWN20639
MDCharles CountyINDIAN HEAD20640
MDCharles CountyIRONSIDES20643
MDCharles CountyISSUE20645
MDCharles CountyLA PLATA20646
MDSt. Mary's CountyLEONARDTOWN20650
MDSt. Mary's CountyLEXINGTON PARK20653
MDSt. Mary's CountyLOVEVILLE20656
MDCalvert CountyLUSBY20657
MDCharles CountyMARBURY20658
MDSt. Mary's CountyMORGANZA20660
MDCharles CountyMOUNT VICTORIA20661
MDCharles CountyNANJEMOY20662
MDCharles CountyNEWBURG20664
MDSt. Mary's CountyPARK HALL20667
MDSt. Mary's CountyPATUXENT RIVER20670
MDSt. Mary's CountyPINEY POINT20674
MDCharles CountyPOMFRET20675
MDCalvert CountyPORT REPUBLIC20676
MDCharles CountyPORT TOBACCO20677
MDSt. Mary's CountyRIDGE20680
MDCharles CountyROCK POINT20682
MDSt. Mary's CountySAINT INIGOES20684
MDCalvert CountySAINT LEONARD20685
MDSt. Mary's CountySAINT MARYS CITY20686
MDSt. Mary's CountySCOTLAND20687
MDCalvert CountySOLOMONS20688
MDCalvert CountySUNDERLAND20689
MDSt. Mary's CountyTALL TIMBERS20690
MDSt. Mary's CountyVALLEY LEE20692
MDCharles CountyWELCOME20693
MDCharles CountyWHITE PLAINS20695
MDPrince George's CountySOUTHERN MD FACILITY20697
MDAnne Arundel CountyANNAPOLIS JUNCTION20701
MDPrince George's CountyLANHAM20703
MDPrince George's CountyBELTSVILLE20704
MDMontgomery CountyBELTSVILLE20705
MDPrince George's CountyGLENARDEN20706
MDMontgomery CountyLAUREL20707
MDPrince George's CountyLAUREL20708
MDPrince George's CountyLAUREL20709
MDPrince George's CountyBLADENSBURG20710